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why don't ya do somethin
ok so tomorrow me and this kid who used to intern in our office are going out. when he asked he said word for word "i think we should go out sometime" now i know he's single and we haven't talked in a good amount of time but idk whether or not its a friend vibe or a date vibe. but honestly, i really don't care lol.

he wants to hang out and i'm 90% sure its just gonna be me and him. even if its a total friend vibe i'm still gonna have fun cause he's really nice and the only guy contact i get is with the spanish dudes at the bars when i feel like getting totally hammered and dancing.

so with that said,  i'll literally be on the verge of shitting my pants from now until its over.

friend or date vibe guys?
why don't ya do somethin
i'm brilliant.

britney's playing at mohegan sun may 2nd... umm hello birthday weekend! so i think we can ebay some tickets and stay at a hotel outside mohegan and keep the cost down to about $600.

drinking, gambling and seeing britney again on my birthday weekend... priceless.

...nobody likes you when you're 23, but its cool

ohh and fyi: he's just not that into you is the truest statement i've ever heard
9th-Feb-2009 02:47 pm - actual voicemail message...
why don't ya do somethin
"hi i'm just calling to see if i can still use the coupon you sent to me for christmas that expired jan 31st..."


wow public just wow
23rd-Jan-2009 11:53 am - random thoughts
why don't ya do somethin
last week was super busy work wise (appleseed's)... this week not so much.  fudds marketing office is always annoying and stressful it never ceases to amaze me. i love not having a phone here though. its so relaxing just being by myself listening to my ipod without cunty birthday party moms calling.

my car got stuck on ice at dunks this morning. that was not fun. i can't wait to love that car again when its sunny and warm.

the kid working at mcdonald's yesterday said he remembered me and proceeded to make fun of me for coming so much. thats embarrassing.

mom's in florida for the next couple days which means i'm taking care of the pup. obviously he likes me when no one else is around, but i'll get burned and forgotten about the minute mom gets home. its cool i guess i deserve it. i worry about him like he's a child... like he's gonna choke or strangle himself with a blanket or get carbon monoxide poisoning or something. lol yup this is what goes on in my head.

i'm really really really getting the moving bug again. even if i just go for a year i feel like its something i want to do. you only live once.
why don't ya do somethin
Rest In Peace SMB<3

You will be forever missed and remembered.
I promise I will keep your only daughter safe while driving, and everytime she's in the car I know I will still be able to hear you say that.<3
Love you and Miss you always.

Thoughts and Prayers to all the Boucher's.

To my bestest friend in the whole world/wife... I love you forever and I am always here for you.<3
15th-Jan-2009 11:33 am - WHAT KIND OF FUCKERY IS THIS?
why don&#39;t ya do somethin
i'm not kidding, there was legit MOTOR OIL on my dunkin donuts muffin wrapper. i'm pretty sure i'm not making this up. looks like it and smells like it. or maybe its some kind of grease. it was all over the bottom... kind of looks like someone placed it down somewhere in something that was DEFINITELY NOT CHOCOLATE.

needless to say my muffin is in the trash. and i am very hungry. and i may never buy a food product from dunks again.

----this all being said in light of everything...

thoughts and prayers to smb<3 and the boucher's always<3333

9th-Jan-2009 09:15 am - ooooooohhh baby
why don&#39;t ya do somethin

he is smoking hott, i remember thinking this when he was on the rays and now i can say it out loud.

my sister has seen both pedroia and theo epstein walking to and from her car next to fenway (not to mention her windshield got smashed during batting practice and she has the ball for proof. so fucking lucky

but OBVIOUSLY mom and i need to teach her some stalkerazzi techniques for next time :) actually, i wouldn't do anything if i saw them either. maybe she can whip out her camera phone non-chalantly though.

if all works out i might be working 55 or so hours a week starting in april. i would have to be at work at 7 everyday (i can't even get to work at 8:30 lol,) work til 6, and work saturdays. this is a big deal because i do not enjoy work. my sis and tim work 345845 hours a week so i'm def not complaining it just sucks that you hafta spend so much of your life working. and i'll make more money but i still won't have that much. and i don't wanna be late 20's and still be fucking booking birthday parties for prissy lynnfield housewifes. oh well i'm kinda looking forward to it i guess.

why don&#39;t ya do somethin
brian's engaged.

i don't care who you are or what kind of situation you're in... hearing your ex is getting married is pretty upsetting. in this case i know i can't be the only one who is thinking "ummm what??"

he's 22, she's 22. he's in grad school. she's still in college.  they've known each other for about 2.5 years, been going out for 1.5 years with about 8 to 10 small break-ups in between. needless to say, i don't know him anymore and i don't know her or how their relationship is, but i think my assumption is safe to say that it is not a relationship i would want to be in.

everyone who reads this knows my perception of him. obviously i put up with him for a long time so he's not a completely terrible person, but i know how he is. and i know that less than a month and a half ago he was sitting on my bed telling me the situation where they had both cheated and they couldn't be in the same room with each other because of awkwardness. he was in the process of moving back home. he seemed lost, confused, and pretty much unhappy with himself and the situation. if i know the story correctly, he went out and purchased the ring a week after all this. like bouch said, i guess the solution to being unhappy and confused is to get married.

a part of me is obviously sad. he was my first boyfriend, first "love" even though i'm still debating that one, basically he was the first everything. with all the bad came a lot of good and taught me a lot.

the rest of me is really angry. he can't stay faithful, he admits that he can't be alone, he hasn't ever been just single. there's sooooooo much more life to live before marriage needs to come into play. i'm not angry because i think i should be the one he's marrying. he did me a favor with all the ignoring that he does to me. i DO NOT want to be 22 and engaged, especially not to him. ever. i'm angry because the sanctity of marriage means NOTHING to so many. i'm angry that this smart, confident person i once knew turned into such a pussy-whipped asshole when he went to college.

i don't doubt that they love each other, but i really believe he's using marriage as an excuse to never be alone. rational people know that marriage is not just another thing to do. its supposed to be forever. you can't just break-up everytime there is a fight. you can't get hammered and cheat like its nothing. you don't get married just because you have a lease together. does he believe he's gonna be with this girl for at least the next 60 years of his life? highly doubtful.

whatever. i along with 95% of other 22 year old people are going to enjoy life without commitment. maybe i'll consider getting married someday. and i know there's someone out there for me and i'm willing to wait.

i know another couple who got engaged and i'm completely happy with it. they've been together for 8 solid years. they're 23 and 24 i think. its not age that bothers me, its principle.

poor brian mason. now i pity him. have fun being divorced and lonely.


now on to relevant important things that i really have to deal with...

turns out i HAD hepatitis c. i somewhat lied to most people about it. it is obviously a pretty bad liver disease, but i left out the fact that it is infectious and contagious.

i opted to get the hiv/hepatitis test when i went for a pap smear a few weeks ago. i expected nothing and actually didn't worry. i was more worried about hiv to be honest.

about 4 days later i get the phone call with results. this all happened in the parking lot of work mind you, "most of the tests came back ok, but you tested positive for hepatitis b and c" ummmmm WHAT???? "the only thing we can't tell you is how long you've had it or where it came from" ok i lost you at "you tested postive for hep b and c" i called my mom immediately. i made an appointment with my primary care doctor immediately. the ob gyn and my primary care doc both asked if i had been vaccinated for hep b. i couldn't think. i had no idea. all i knew is that you people told me i have a disease that is practically impossible for me to get from someone else.

anyways, i read all about it. the ob gyn told me about support groups and shit, the doctor and nurses felt pity for me and told me to be more careful. everyone assumed i'm a slut who shoots up and thats how i got it. i honestly have NO.FUCKING.IDEA where this came from. i felt really really judged when i went for more tests. the phlebotomist (who fucked up and made me have to wait a whole extra week) was all like "was it drugs?" i was like no i have no idea where it came from. then she proceeded to yell at me because i was dehydrated (cause i had drank the night before) and no blood would come out. give me a break lady i found out 3 fucking hours ago i have a disease i could fucking die from. the doctor told me this test would tell the truth.

anyways, for the next 2 weeks i went through major ups and downs. i accepted it, accepted the life change of no drinks and possible 50+ weeks of treatments. i knew i didn't get it cause i was careless. i haven't had sex in almost 2 years, i've never been around needle drugs. the most traumatic part was that i could give it to people if i had it. i didn't care that my liver was going to be damaged. that was my personal problem. i was scared to bleed. (you have no idea how much you actually do bleed by the way, brushing teeth and things)

i went back to the docs on friday. he started with hep b. i had gotten the vaccine about 10 years ago, so the hep b antibodies would be in my body and the initial screen test read that. i had no viral load of hep b whatsoever. ok, i knew that. then he got to hep c, which was what i was scared about the most. he said the viral load for hep c came back NEGATIVE. FUCKING NEGATIVE! no viral sign of it in my body whatsoever. so what does negative mean? negative means i no longer have the disease but at one point i HAD it which is why it comes up positive on the screen test. he said i'm one of the 15% of people who gets exposed to it and gets rid of it. there's a 6 month grace period with this disease. its not curable, but if its an acute infection you can get rid of it within 6 months. it gets dangerous when you have it for more than 6 months and it becomes chronic.

its scary to think i had it at all, but now i think i'm immune to it. i don't know when i had it. i hate that. but if i learned anything i learned that you need to live and have fun, but be extremely careful. the world is a dirty place. get tested even if you don't think you need to.


MANGINA GOT FIRED!! joy to the world :) that fucking asshole couldn't win one fucking game. it SUCKS that the patriots season is over. we were one of the best teams by far for the past month and could have caused damage in the playoffs.

my hat gets tipped to matt cassel and coaching. incredible what they did this season. we're gonna need cassel next year. brady's not gonna be ready and you can't rush his recovery. i don't care how much franchising him is gonna be. do it.

11-5 and no playoff berth... story of my life

why don&#39;t ya do somethin
I AM SO GLAD WE'RE NOT GOING FOR TEIXEIRA. i don't know why but i dislike him. i'm sure if we had him i would grow to like him but we don't need people like that on our team, period.

mom and i got pretty sick tickets to the pats game on sunday. corner endzone. its our xmas present to each other how cute are we? the one and only game i've ever been to was at foxboro stadium back when tom brady was a nobody. it was a pre-season game against the eagles and tom came out and everyone was like who the fuck is this? go figure. i was prepared for a cold weather game, but now sunday calls for snow, wind, and rain. i'm not ready but there is no way i'm going to miss this game. merry patriot christmas to me and mom :)

i guess i'm coping with things the best i can. i don't know for sure if anything is wrong with me yet. i'll be getting results probably next week (right before xmas how lovely.) i'm at the point where i'm still hopeful i don't have anything but also well aware that i could. either way, a big life change is in order. it has really made me think. i love partying and getting hammered and its gonna be hard to give that up already. but if i have this health problem i can never again have any alcohol if i want to live long. you can jump to your own conclusions about whats going on cause i'm not going to say it, but it has taken me by COMPLETE surprise.

selfishly i'm pretty devastated about the no drinking thing. i'm 22. 22 year olds still get hammered all the time. its just what we do. i've accepted the fact that binge drinking is not an option, but any alcohol is out of the question. no wine with dinner or champagne at weddings or even a cold crisp SAM SUMMER ALE when it comes out. i no longer want to talk about it. whats up straight-edge lifestyle? :(
15th-Dec-2008 07:05 pm(no subject)
why don&#39;t ya do somethin
phone call i received today, in my own words:

"we need you to come back in to get your blood re-drawn because the phlebotomist fucked up and did something wrong with the tubes."

this coming from the people who are going to tell me if i have a potentially life-threatening condition... fucking great.

not to mention i've been on pins and needles since friday and will now have to wait over a week to find out.

this all better be a fucking joke it has to be.
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